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Canio Costanzo

WNC Sports Network Play By Play Announcer


WNC Sports Network

WNC Sports Network was founded in July 2017.  WNCSN was started, in part, to give Western North Carolina High School student athletes the opportunity to showcase their on the field talents.

"After streaming the Mountain Athletic Conference basketball tournament in 2017, we realized there is a void to highlight student athletes who don't play just football," explained Costanzo.  "That's really how we started thinking about creating a regional network."

In the last two years WNCSN broadcasted 138 football, basketball, baseball and softball games featuring teams in the WMAC.  The WMAC includes member schools  Asheville, Enka, Erwin, North Buncombe, North Henderson, Reynolds, TC Roberson, Tuscola and West Henderson.

"We hope fans who can't attend these games will get the opportunity to root on their home school," said Costanzo.  "Especially those who live out of the area and want to follow a granddaughter or grandson or a nephew or niece.  This gives them the opportunity to do just that."